Saturday, August 30, 2008

Advice for after a loss

If I can give you any advice right now, it would be to take time for yourself and let yourself grieve and lean on others.

Seek counseling if you think you need it.

Everyone grieves differently and at a different pace, so be gentle with yourself and have patience. It will hurt intensely all the time for awhile, and then you'll get some times of peace in between times of sadness. Gather all the memories you can now, while they're fresh--save everything.

You'll always miss your baby, but it does get better, and your memories will become more comforting.

By K, who lost her first baby at 18 weeks.


Brie said...

I just found this site and plan to scour it for any and all info I can get. My husband and I have had multiple losses and just learned of my anomoly. My most recent loss was at 25 weeks, and it was heartbreaking..but I feel that this gained knowledge of my issue, and the propsed surgery to try and correct it is getting me back on the right track to one day have a child that lives.

steph jazz said...

Brie I'd love to talk to you. I have a BU discovered before pregnancy and just lost my boy at 25 weeks. I don't know where to go from here or what hope there is to hold onto.