Saturday, June 28, 2008

Your questions about MA answered here!

Have a specific question about Müllerian Anomalies? Chances are your question may have already been answered by the the Müllerian Anomalies Yahoo Group volunteer consulting physician. Below are a list of questions you can read the answer to by clicking HERE:

1. Miscarriage causes
2. Incompetent cervix, Labor induction
3. Predicting incompetent cervix in the MA patient
4. UU and placing a cerclage
5. Bicollis: septate cervix versus true duplication
6. When in the cycle to have a laparoscopy/hysteroscopy
7. MA complications and the type of physician to see
8. Post-resection pregnancy monitoring in the septate uterus
9. Leaving lower septum segment intact; Resection techniques
10. Distinguishing between SU and BU using Doppler ultrasound
11. Diagnosing and resecting a vascular septum
12. Monitoring septum resection
13. UU and L-shaped cervix: cerclage?
14. Small cervix—is it a MA?
15. Treating endometriosis
16. When to measure cervical length in pregnancy?
17. Length of septum: absolute vs. relative measurement
18. Monitoring for incompetent cervix
19. Can HSG fail to show a septum?
20. Transabdominal versus transcervical resection
21. “Regrowth” of septum, effect of pregnancy on septum
22. C-section techniques for MA, Resection during birth?
23. Infertility questions
24. Late ovulation
25. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
26. Incompetent cervix guidelines
27. Ectopic pregnancy
28. Use of Clomid
29. Balloon catheters and progesterone following resection of SU