Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kristina's Story, UU

I learned I had an MA in April 2005. After a month-long stint ofspotting, I had a transvaginal ultrasound that showed two cavities,and the radiologist let me know I had a bicornuate uterus but told menot to be alarmed by what I read on the internet. I immediately lookedit up and was of course frightened.

We followed that up with an HSG, which only showed one cavity filling,a UU they said. Of course, I was freaked out since I knew there werereally two cavities, but the ob-gyn said there was no need for furthertests, since with one open tube I could get pregnant. I promptly"fired" this dr. and saw another ob-gyn referred to me by a teachinghospital, who ordered an MRI. I had also booked an appt. with an RE,and this ob-gyn suggested I keep it. I had to wait a couple of months,so I was glad I made the appointment so far in advance.

The MRI showed a UU with a noncommunicating horn of about symmetricalsize. The RE then performed a laparoscopy and discovered that the sizewas a bit smaller, but basically this diagnosis was correct. She alsotreated me for mild endometriosis at that time. I wanted to have theunderdeveloped horn taken out to prevent a pregnancy in it (it didhave some endometrium), but we had to wait another 6 months for alaparotomy because the RE didn't feel safe doing it laparoscopically, and I was writing a PhD dissertation and couldn't afford the recovery time.

6 mos. later (April 2006) we did the laparotomy and things went fine.I got my first epidural and bikini incision. One month later I was ina car accident that fractured my pelvis, so that delayed our TTC acouple of months, but the orthopedist felt there should be no complications to pregnancy as a result, thankfully.

We conceived my son Christian last October (due date July 1), my first BFP ever after 18 months of TTC. I started spotting in late Jan. atabout 17.5 weeks, and I went into preterm labor at 18 weeks. After oneday of bedrest at home and one day of bedrest in the hospital, theychecked my cervix again via u/s and found everything fine. (I had beenabout 1.5 cm dilated when I arrived, according to the ER staff.) They discharged me, and an hour or two later, my water broke. They took meoff the anti-contraction drugs, and after about 24 hours of worsening(veering into life-threatening) infection, labor started again, and the baby died sometime that night. It was the most terrifying week of my life.

The drs. are hopeful that a cerclage may help next time, but we've been TTC for about 8 cycles now with no luck yet. In fact, I've hadsome more spotting and just had a saline u/s that showed anendometrial polyp. I had another D&C with a hysteroscope to remove it, and we're back to TTC again.

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